About Melissa

I am a wife, mother and a Goldsmith jewelry designer. Creating jewelry is a constant journey of joyful exploration! With my desire to discover the little things, the colors in a butterfly wing, the glitter in a flower petal, or a rock in the river, all of my collections find their way into my jewelry designs. My husband is all to familiar with this as i will clear out our suitcase when traveling to bring it home full of rocks! And as fabulous as my husband is, he lugs it through hotels and airports until the new found treasures make it home to my studio! Then the creating begins as my collected treasures one by one make their way into rings and necklaces.

For me making art was always my favorite thing to do even from childhood.... It wasn't until Art School in college that i took my first Metalsmithing class and as soon as I touched the metal i knew that was what i wanted to do.  Studying Metalsmithing at East Carolina University, Montana State University, Italy. I had various apprenticeships with a famous Italian Goldsmith Lisa Sotilis (she owns DeChirico's Sculpture Collection, Montana blacksmiths, swordsmiths and lapidary artists. Ultimately ireceived a BFA in Metal Design.  After that began my own business and have been happily making jewelry for the last 15 years.  I love what I do and i hope to make something for you!

For the past 6 years i have been Designing and Consulting for Made By Survivors, and great non-profit giving Women a new means to make a living after being rescued from a life of Human Trafficking. Check them out MadebySurvivors.com and I have been published in the book: RELEVANT NATION 40 artists/activists under 40 changing the world
Jewelry that i have made has also been worn by Celebrities such as: Dakota Fanning, Gina Gershon, Marlon Wayans andChris Tucker.

And was a featured Jewelry Designer for Wilmington Fashion Weekend 2014 Runway Show.
Jewelry Designer for Feature Film: River Guard 2013, Lost Cat Corona 2015, Vevo TV series 2015

The importance of "greening" my studio has become even more important after having our 3 kids under 5 years old! So, now i am striving to apply the most environmentally friendly practices including the use of recycled gold, the least toxic studio chemicals, and recycled packaging. For 20 years I have been taking the scraps and melting, molding, and hammering them into a new forms, recycling and transforming. Craftsmanship to me is about excellence but not perfection; by leaving small marks of the work-process of forming, forging and soldering the hand-made quality of crafting remains visible. A reminder that our human flaws and imperfections are engulfed with beauty, yet real.